The youth foiling pathway

Following the evolution of the Olympic Nacra 17 Class, Nacra Sailing introduces the full foiling Nacra 15 FCS multihull, which comes with the same sail plan as the original Nacra 15, except the FCS foiling package being “plug and play”. You can use it as part of a new boat package or as an additional option for existing Nacra 15 owners. The Nacra 15 FCS provides the ultimate sailing experience.

The Nacra 15 FCS- Youth Foiling

Future proof flying

With a target crew weight of approx. 120 kg +/- 10 kg combined, the Nacra 15 FCS (Flight Control System) is ideally suited to both male and female youth sailors allowing them to perform in a wide range of conditions.

This new foiling multihull with two curved dagger boards giving lift and that extra dimension, fun and excitement. Added winglets on the rudders not only stabilise flight but allows the young sailors to sail faster, push harder in safety and control.

With an Infused resin and foam core, hull construction is not only designed to give performance with durability the hulls have been built “future proof”, therefore giving any new owner long term confidence. Nacra 15 FCS, fully foiling now and updated in early 2020, is an exciting option targeted for the Youth Olympics where the Nacra 15 has been selected as one of only 3 sailing classes along with Windsurfing and Kite Boarding. It’s our total confidence that this boat is here to stay at the cutting edge of Youth Sailing for many years ahead.

Nacra 15 FCS Comparison

N15 FCS One
Crew Weight

Nacra 15 Class

The Nacra 15 was chosen by World Sailing as the World Sailing Youth Multihull in November 2015.

The boat is used during the World Sailing Youth World Championships and Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15 is the pathway for young sailors on their way to the Nacra 17 and the Olympic Games.

Additional Information

Additional Information
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Technical Specifications
Standard ● Optional ○
DesignNacra / Morelli&Melvin
Hull4.7m (15’4″)Glass foam FRP polyester resin
Beam2.34 (7’67”)
Mast length8.17m (26’8″)Aluminium
Boat weight FCS Version160kg (352 Lbs)Ready to sail
Trapeze system2 person
Mainsail13.77m² (148ft²)Polyester
Jib3.28m² (35ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker15.26m² (164ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker retriever system
Mainsheet system1 to 10
Mainsail cunningham system1 to 16
FCS L rudder setFull Carbon
FCS Z foil setFull Carbon
Main Z-foil bearing set incl. Lock system
Rear endcap kit incl. rake foil trim system
Curved daggerboard setGlass fiber carbon reinforced
Curved daggerboard bearing kitGlass fiber carbon reinforced
Rudder systemKick-up aluminium
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