Olympic Class powerhouse

The original Nacra 17 was initially designed to follow World Sailing´s strict requirements for the Olympic multihull. It was fitted with curved daggerboards at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, to provide extra buoyancy and boost its efficiency both downwind and upwind.

In response to the recent developments and requirements, the next generation Nacra 17 has now been upgraded into a fully foiling race machine. So, at the next Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the Nacra 17 will once again provide full excitement in multihull sailing. 

The Nacra 17 - Olympic Foiling

The gold standard

Nacra 17 has the most robust platform to be found in this class. It comes with a wave-piercing design that tends to have less drag and gives a consistently high speed. A strong and sturdily built boat but light at the same time – makes it a catamaran with excellent handling but challenging to sail. It is a real Olympic class catamaran that is built for sailors who want to be in the front of the fleet at all times. 

This Nacra 17 Olympic Class was designed in collaboration with Morrelli & Melvin, a world-famous design office known for its America’s Cup involvement and many other successful multihull projects.

Nacra 17 Olympic Comparison

Crew Weight

Nacra 17 Class

The Nacra 17 class organization is involved in every step the Olympic boat takes. After the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the class and Nacra Sailing agreed to evolve the boat to become a full foiling catamaran. The Nacra 17 class is open to any sailor with Olympic ambition.

Additional Information

Additional Information
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Technical Specifications
Standard ● Optional ○
DesignNacra / Morelli&Melvin
Hull5.25m (17’22”)Glass foam FRP polyester resin
Beam2.6 (8’5″)
Mast length9.15m (30′)Full carbon prepreg epoxy
Boat weight173kg (381 Lbs)Ready to sail
Trapeze system2 person
Mainsail16m² (172ft²)Pentex
Jib4.05m² (43ft²)Pentex
Spinnaker17.83m² (192ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker retriever system
Mainsheet system1 to 10
Mainsail cunningham system1 to 16
Jib cunningham system1 to 4
Z foil setFull carbon prepreg epoxy
T-rudders with elevatorsFull carbon prepreg epoxy
Rudder systemCast aluminium
Rudder & daggerboard cover set
Rope kit
Trapeze system including wires
Mast cover
Standing rigging with adjustable turnbuckles

Cat Selector

Can’t decide which Nacra boat to get? Not to worry. Nacra Sailing has something for everyone – from light and sturdy leisure cat to full-blown Olympic powerhouse.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a progression chart – for both the youth and adults, for both recreational and serious sailors. Take a look and make your choice.

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