The new Next Gen club cat

The Nacra 500 MK2 is the next hi-tech iteration of the ever popular Nacra 500. A perfectly balanced, lightweight cat that’s easy to maneuver, offers high speeds, and high buoyancy.

Completely redesigned following the latest innovations and using new technologies, the MK2 is built to Olympic standards. 
The MK2 is much more than a club cat: it’s a true next gen sailing experience. 

The 'Pocket Rocket' on the water

The Nacra 500 is an affordable option that can fit two persons. It is perfect for local club racing or just to go out and having fun with family and friends. Large trampoline area means that you have real space and as it is tensioned it provides a real platform. The trampoline is made of mesh polypropylene, which ensures that water drains quickly.

The Nacra 500 has a clean hull line, beams recessed into the hull to make the boat stiffer, and high buoyancy to keep you on the water. As with all Nacra leisure boats, the mainsail is made from MNX material, fibre reinforced monofilm, and the jib is Dacron, all manufactured by Performance Sails, giving them longevity, strength and performance. 

The 500 provides high performance recreational sailing at an affordable price.


Length: 5.08m (16’6″)
Width: 2.44m (8′)
Mast length: 7.77m (27’13”)
Boat weight: 150kg (330 lbs)

General use

Recreation, learning, family

Crew weight

140kg (310 lbs) or 3 persons (2 youth & 1 adult)

Key features

Pro level

Choose your Nacra

Because we want everyone to experience cat sailing, we’ve made the Nacra 500 available in 3 different configurations. So if you’re just looking for an easy to use, small cat for recreational sailing, need something exciting for your sailing school, or want to dip your toe into cat racing: The Nacra 500 is the perfect high quality entry level cat for you. 

Below you’ll find all the info you need to make your choice.

Cat Selector

Can’t decide which Nacra boat to get? Not to worry. Nacra Sailing has something for everyone – from light and sturdy leisure cat to full-blown Olympic powerhouse.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a progression chart – for both the youth and adults, for both recreational and serious sailors. Take a look and make your choice.

Nacra 500 Comparison

Nacra 500 MK2
Nacra 500
Crew Weight

Additional Information

Additional Information
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Technical Specifications
Standard ● Optional ○
DesignNacra / Morelli&Melvin
Hull4.7m (15’4″)Glass foam FRP polyester resin
Beam2.34 (7’67”)
Mast length8.17m (26’8″)Aluminium
Boat weight FCS Version160kg (352 Lbs)Ready to sail
Trapeze system2 person
Mainsail13.77m² (148ft²)Polyester
Jib3.28m² (35ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker15.26m² (164ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker retriever system
Mainsheet system1 to 10
Mainsail cunningham system1 to 16
FCS L rudder setFull Carbon
FCS Z foil setFull Carbon
Main Z-foil bearing set incl. Lock system
Rear endcap kit incl. rake foil trim system
Curved daggerboard setGlass fiber carbon reinforced
Curved daggerboard bearing kitGlass fiber carbon reinforced
Rudder systemKick-up aluminium
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